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Curious about Nestria? Not sure where to start, or what to expect? Check out these frequently asked questions we've received from others!

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What is Nestria?

Nestria is a network. We curate the resources you need to advance your career, solve problems, learn something new, or get advice about what path might get you to your goals.

Isn't this just a bootcamp?

In short, no! Nestria provides some services that are similar to a bootcamp, but we're quite different! Our focus is on suporting you, but you get to make all the decisions you want. What courses you take, your time commitment, what your goals are (short or long-term) are your choice. We simply provide you with the tools you can't get on your own (tutoring, accountability, and advisors).

What are your plans for the Free Membership?

We're planning to beta release an app for free members soon, and in the meantime host workshops (both free and paid) and other events for the free community. Tutoring and advisory services will also be available a la carte in the future for free members, to allow anyone access to our network's resources.

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