Interested in mentoring newcomers to tech? Add yourself to the network on your own terms.

How Our Mentoring Works

Mentoring FAQ:

What do I need to include in my profile?

You need a good picture of yourself, a short biography describing your industry experience, and a section that outlines what type of support you're most comfortable offering. Remember that this is all the mentees will see, so the more in-depth it is, the more you’ll stand out.

How much will I be paid and when? How much will Nestria’s cut be?

You determine your own rate, which you can determine based on a variety of factors, such as having lots of industry experience or experience with hiring. Nestria takes a 30% cut on top of your chosen rate, so you will always make your desired amount, but the listed price (and charge for each mentee) will be higher.

What do people in the network need help with?

The primary thing that a mentee is looking for is support in their career. A lot of people will be in an early phase of their career where they are just starting out in an industry. They want help searching for a job, and understanding the different directions in which they can develop their career.

What does a session consist of?

You can structure your sessions based on what you think would be most helpful. You may choose to present information to mentees that they're not aware of, or you can ask questions to provide more personalized feedback, advice, and support.

What is the commitment?

You set your own availability. The minimum is just one hour per week, but which hours or how many are up to you.

Do I need to meet with the mentee in-person? Can I charge more for an in-person meeting?

At this time, Nestria does not support in-person bookings.

I’m a lawyer (or other profession), are you taking only tech mentors?

We'll welcome any mentor that can add value to our network. While we may generally attract more tech-oriented mentees, we're happy to have you.

How will I find out when I am booked and by whom?

When you're booked you'll receive an email confirming the booking. We'll then send you a contact link as well that will host the session, so that it can be recorded for safety and accountability reasons.

What tool do I use if meeting virtually?

We currently use Zoom for mentoring sessions.